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Ceson Ponder

Ms. Ponder-History
Contact Ceson Ponder  Ceson Ponder (318) 549-7079 Teacher
Ms. Ponder-History, PSYC/SOC, Fine Art, Law
Ms. Ponder-History

What can I expect? .....Grading and Course content


Coursework is completed through OdysseyWare


Lessons, Projects (often a written assignment), and Special Projects


~If a student falls behind, it is their responsibility to get caught up in class. Students are allowed to log in and complete lessons and projects from home~




***For U.S. History, projects will be focused on preparation for the final and EOC LEAP test. This will  be a combination of homework and in class work that will be taken for their unit project grade. Students should take this seriously***


Quizzes- Students will complete quizzes in much the same format but without the ability to reference their lessons. Quizzes can be completed outside class. 

Reviews- Students will have a review with unit questions and answers before each test. This may be opened more than once if needed to ensure preparedness. 

Tests- Students will test in class at the end of each unit and also have mid term and unit tests. This may only be taken in class. Tests are open notes. 


Classes will have a final review or study  guide provided. Students are given ample time to prepare and review. Finals are NOT open note exams. but students may use ONE notecard.


Bell Ringers and OW health checks- At the beginning of each class, students will log into their respective subject's Google classroom. They will check for any announcement, then proceed to complete their daily bell ringer. This is usually a simple question that takes no longer than 2 minutes.The second part of this bellringer is to log into their OW program to log the following information: their grade, % of course complete, % of course that should be complete to date in the course, check messages from their teacher, check missed assignments and what they should work on today. This ensures a daily accountability for their standing in class.This all takes about 5 minutes and can help them accrue several bonus points weekly toward their grade. This will be the only bonus offered. 


****Civics students are required to complete a Naturalization Exam and FEMA certification. This can be done in class or at home. This should NOT be done the last two weeks as certification takes time to process. 







The following will be provided:



-extra paper

-folder to keep notes and ongoing assignments



** Headphones/earbuds are not provided. I suggest you bring your own and keep up with them as some lessons provide optional audio and you are allowed to listen to music in this class. 


***Cell phones are NOT allowed



If you would like to help your classroom/student, we are always beyond appreciative for the following :)

-Tissue and paper towels

-Hand sanitizer

-screen wipes

-individually wrapped candy

- individually packaged snacks (no peanut items please!)