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Faculty and Staff

Our Administration
Contact Lorenza Baker  Lorenza Baker (318) 549-7085 Principal
Contact Beatrice Brown  Beatrice Brown (318) 549-7051 Secretary
Contact Adam Edwards  Adam Edwards (318) 549-7050 School Resource Officer
Contact Patricia Kimbrough  Patricia Kimbrough (318) 549-7056 Administrative Assistant
Contact Lakeia Williams  Lakeia Williams (318) 549-7059 Counselor
Teachers and Behavior Coaches
Contact Marites Arcamo  Marites Arcamo (318) 549-7061 MS SPED Teacher
Contact Karen Bean  Karen Bean (318) 549-7053 BPSVLA Teacher/Librarian
Contact Belvia Brock  Belvia Brock (318) 549-7069 MS ELA Teacher
Contact Broderick Cox  Broderick Cox (318) 549-7082 HS Science Teacher
Contact Carol Fears  Carol Fears (318) 549-7071 MS Math Teacher
Contact Jane Jones  Jane Jones (318) 549-7065 MS Science Teacher
Contact Delanie Malamma  Delanie Malamma (318) 549-7084 HS English Teacher
Contact Crystal Marshall  Crystal Marshall (318) 549-7083 HS Electives/Business Teacher
Contact Carla Maynor  Carla Maynor (318) 549-7064 P.E. Teacher
Contact Karen Reed  Karen Reed (318) 549-7062 Elementary Teacher
Contact Lisa Rhodes  Lisa Rhodes (318) 549-7070 MS Social Studies Teacher
Contact Chris Schneider  Chris Schneider (318) 549-7068 Teacher
Contact Alana Smith  Alana Smith (318) 549-7081 HS Math Teacher
Contact Roslyn Stumon  Roslyn Stumon (318) 549-7088 Behavior Interventionist
Contact Matt Watson  Matt Watson (318) 549-7058 HiSET Program Teacher
Contact Kimberly Woodard  Kimberly Woodard (318) 549-7076 HS SPED Teacher
Paraprofessionals and Job Coaches
Contact Shannon Ashley  Shannon Ashley (318) 549-7072 GASP Teacher/Staff
Contact Dionne Hall  Dionne Hall (318) 549-7058 HiSET Paraprofessional
Contact Carl Hardman  Carl Hardman Behavior Coach
Contact Joan Nerrettig  Joan Nerrettig MS Paraprofessional
Contact Dotties Pope  Dotties Pope (318) 549-7078 HS Paraprofessional
Custodial Staff
Contact Danny Bright  Danny Bright Custodian
Contact Mary Bruno  Mary Bruno Custodian
Contact Leroy Moton  Leroy Moton Custodian

- Principal -

Mr. Lorenza Baker

- Principal -  Mr. Lorenza Baker


- Assistant Principal -

Mrs. Patricia Kimbrough

Assistant Principal - Patricia Kimbrough

- Counselor - 

Ms. Lakeia Williams