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Charlotte Ann Mitchell

CAM Policy Update

The Charlotte Ann Mitchell program serves as the parish alternative school for students in grades 4-12, who have been expelled from their home schools. Students receive the same quality instruction and core courses offered at their respective home schools, as well as opportunities to improve academically and socially through the school's Positive Behavior Intervention Support, or PBIS Program.


The goal is for each student is to improve at least one grade level within a nine-week grading period and/or between the times that they enter and depart CAM using the Reading Plus program. (Evidence of improvement includes the START post-test among other indicators.)


High school students receive instructional assistance and earn Carnegie units  through a computer-based program called OdysseyWare. The program affords students the opportunity to log-in and complete assignments from home and at school and to prepare for successful completion of End of Course (EOC) examinations.


Note: Middle school students and parents will need to ensure that students possess their math and science textbooks upon arrival, or that the home school has sent them. All students should bring paper, and a pen or pencil on the first day.