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Charlotte Ann Mitchell HiSET Program Non-Discrimination & Disability Harassment Revised Statute 24:523
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Charlotte Ann Mitchell

CAM Policy Update

The Charlotte Ann Mitchell program serves as the parish alternative school for students in grades 4-12, who have been expelled from their home schools. Students receive the same quality instruction and core courses offered at their respective home schools, as well as opportunities to improve academically and socially through the school's Positive Behavior Intervention Support, or PBIS Program.


Upon entry, all elementary and middle school CAM students will complete a pre-test called STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) to help determine how well they are performing in reading and math, and how our instructors can best assist them. The goal is for each student to improve at least one grade level within a nine-week grading period and/or between the times that they enter and depart CAM. (Evidence of improvement includes the START post-test among other indicators.)


High school students receive instructional assistance and earn Carnegie units  through a computer-based program called OdysseyWare. The program affords students the opportunity to log-in and complete assignments from home and at school and to prepare for successful completion of End of Course (EOC) examinations.


Note: Middle school students and parents will need to ensure that students possess their math and science textbooks upon arrival, or that the home school has sent them. All students should bring paper, and a pen or pencil on the first day.

Butler Educational Dress Code Information Page

Butler Educational Complex Dress Code


Uniform Shirts:                                         Purple (CAM HS); White (CAM EMS); Black (Virtual);   

                                                                   Hunter Green (HiSET HD) Light Blue (HiSET FD).

                                                                   Shirts must have a collar.


Undershirts:                                             Black, white, navy blue, or gray. Long or short sleeves.


Uniform Bottoms:                                    Khaki or navy blue.

                                                                  Girls may wear khaki or navy blue capris, shorts, or skirts.

                                                                  Pants/shorts must be worn at the waist and not be made of denim.


Uniform Length:                                       Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than 4” above the kneecap. Pants

                                                                  must not drag the floor.  The hem of the pants may not be rolled,  cut, frayed, split, or torn.


Outerwear:                                              Coats, jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts must be SOLID navy blue or  black.

                                                                 They should contain no visible name-brand labels, home school logos, screen prints, etc.


Shoes/Socks:                                          Tennis shoes and socks should be black or white. Non-steel toe boots are acceptable.

                                                                 Sandals, shower shoes, house shoes, or thong-like shoes are not allowed.


Belts:                                                       Belts should be black or brown and must be worn with all clothing   

                                                                designed for a belt. No part of the belt should be hanging. Belts

                                                                buckles cannot be oversized or excessive in design.


Headwear/Hair                                      Caps, hats, bandanas, stocking caps, kerchiefs, and other forms of

                                                                headwear are not permitted on campus. Hairstyles and hair colors

                                                                should not distract from the learning environment. Mohawk hair styles

                                                                are not allowed. Students may not wear brushes or combs in hair.


Jewelry:                                                Males may not wear earrings. Students may not conceal

                                                               piercings with bandages or use wires, straws, plastic or 

                                                               other inserts instead of earrings. Male students are

                                                               discouraged from getting piercings during the school year   

                                                               because the hole will not have adequate time to heal. Girls may

                                                               wear non-hoop earrings. Removable/decorative mouthpieces are not



Body Piercings:                                    No other forms of piercings (lips, tongues, noses, eyebrows, or other

                                                               body parts) are allowed.


Facial Hair:                                           Eyebrows should not be notched.


Note: The administration will make final decisions as to what is considered proper appearance. 

BEC Intake Checklist



Upon arrival, please ensure that you and your child check in at each station below. The starred items will be covered by the administrator or behavior interventionist. Submit the completed checklist to the behavior interventionist or the secretary. Thank you.


_____Secretary (Enrollment information)


_____Counselor (Schedule, etc.)


_____SPED Coordinator


_____Administrator or designee


_____School Arrival and Departure (7:20; 7:50; 2:05)*


_____Uniform/Dress Code*


_____Cell Phone Policy *




_____Prohibited items (backpacks, metal combs, etc.)*


_____PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support)*